BUY GAOKAO WIYHOUT EXAM. In China, applying to college is about one thing and one thing only: the Gaokao. Gaokao  is short for (“The National Higher Education Entrance Examination”).

A student’s score on this all-important standardized test is pretty much the only thing that matters when it comes to determining whether or not they can go to college—and if they can, which schools they can attend.

However, we can provide the Sat to u and many Other Certificates without you sitting for the exam. Buy Gaokao Online.

When To Take The Exam?

The gaokao is held once annually at the end of the school year. Third-year high school students (high school in China lasts three years) generally take the test, although anyone may register for it if they desire to. The test generally lasts for two or three days.

More About The Gaokao

As you might imagine, preparing for and taking the gaokao is a grueling ordeal. Students are under huge amounts of pressure from their parents and teachers to do well. The final year of high school, especially, is often focused intensely on preparation for the exam. It isn’t unheard of for parents to go so far as quitting their own jobs to help their children study during this year.

This pressure has even been linked to some cases of depression and suicide amongst Chinese teens, especially those who perform poorly on the exam. BUY GAOKAO WIYHOUT EXAM

Because the gaokao is so important, Chinese society goes to great lengths to make life easy for test-takers on testing days. Areas around testing sites are often marked as quiet zones. Nearby construction and even traffic are sometimes halted while students are taking the test to prevent distractions. Police officers, taxi drivers, and other car owners will often ferry students they see walking the streets to their exam locations for free, to ensure that they are not late for this all-important occasion.


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